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Blackberry 9600 tour

all blackberry 9600 tour owners can download usable themes for their blackberry under this category. Notice that the required blackberry OS is mentionned in the themes name
Sleek Silver Weather theme
a comic drawn style silver theme for the blackberry 9650, the sleek silver theme
Sleek Silver OS6
the default sleek silver theme for the blackberry 9600, OS 6.0 ready
Springish 9600
spring is comming, dont wait for it and install already this springish theme on your blackberry 9600
Pink Swirls 10
Blackberry themes are so much more fun when they are playful, so theres a good reason to install this 10th Pink Swirls Blackberry 9600 theme!

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Blackberry 9700 Leebo theme
Free 9700 Love
Blackberry 9700 free love
9700 Pink theme
Blackberry 9700 Pink theme
Love your Torch
love your Blackberry 9800 torch
Green Drop
Blackberry 9800 Green drop theme
Blackberry 9800 Supernatural theme
BGT Snappy
Blackberry 9800 BGT Snappy theme
Blackberry 9800 Torch Toonland theme
Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale Blackberry 9800 Britney Spears theme
Blueff 81
Blackberry Pearl Blue theme
Monster Blackberry Storm
Blackberry Storm monster theme
Pooh and Friends 5.0
Blackberry 8500 Pooh and Friends theme