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Blackberry 8100 Pearl

different free blackberry 8100 themes can be downloaded from this page
Terminator Blackberry 8100
a Terminator theme for the blackberry 8100 Pearl
Anfreys Zen 8100
nice Blackberry 8100 theme with a bit of Japanese influences
Skelanimals chungkee blackberry 8100
Skelanimals, you got to love them, the only animals which look cute when they're dead, after the pluche, now the Blackberry Theme. You got 4 different Characters, this is the chungkee model. This theme is made for blackberry OS 4.2.2

this theme is © 2008 cherrichiodo, please visit the cherrichiodo website to download

Smoothie Blackberry 8100
a nice Blackberry 8100 theme containing a light pink background with custom blackberry icons

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