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Blackberry software and popular downloads

Cherry Blossom 5.0
pink cherry blossoms on your blackberry 9600 Tour
Pure.system tour 4.7
our first available theme for the Blackberry 9600 tour OS 4.7 this theme brings back the pureness into your blackberry. Absolute minimalistic lovers will love this theme!
free tour 4.7
take a free tour with this blackberry 9600 tour theme which contains the messages and calendar on the today screen with hidden dock screen
True Blood 4.7
True blood is an american television series based on the The Southern Vampire Mysteries and now converted into a Blackberry 9600 tour theme. this true blood theme can be installed on OS 4.7
Precision rotunda 4.7
this blackberry tour theme keeps it simple with the default icons, however a whole new dimension is added with its complex homescreen functions.
*13 Customizable icons
*Hidden Today (use any of the first three icons)
-Alt + q launches QuickLaunch
-Alt + b launches BlackBerry Messanger
-Alt + a launches Alarm Clock
Sodaberrytour 4.7
a cool blackberry 9600 tour theme featuring custom designed icons by Alistair Roberts
Blackberry 9600 Pro Blue 4.7
some minor looking changes give this professional looking theme for the blackberry 9600 tour a complete new look, this is the Blue version of this theme
Blackberry 9600 Pro Black 4.7
the black version of the Pro Blackberry 9600 theme, notice that the example screenshot is made from the Blue version of this theme
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